Fogo Island – far away from far away

I was prepared for Fogo Island to be breathtaking – and it is, but what was even more awe-inspiring is the light! Brilliant sunsets every evening and a horizon that goes on forever. The few days I managed to...

English Harbour and Bonavista Bay August 2017

Textures on beaches and the surface of the sea are always sources of inspiration. The summer of 2017 on the Bonavista Peninsula had the added bonus of the @willgillthegreenchair, one of the installations in the Bonavista Biennale (@bbienale).

Indian Burying Place 2016

One of many resettled communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Indian Burying Place (on the Baie Verte Peninsula) is haunting and inspirational. This house was one of the best preserved in the community.  Photos show the layers of flooring and...

Out in Boat

Getting close to icebergs is always a source of inspiration for my crystalline work.  This berg was in Green Bay in July of 2016.

Beach Combing

A day on the beach in Harry’s Harbour with Linda Yates and David and Hayashida, of King’s Point Pottery, resulted in a great collection of sea urchins to be used in making sea urchin bowls. (July 2016) (Finding salt beef buckets on...