March of Mugs

March of Mugs

An annual pop-up exhibition taking place in March.

This show features a prized collection of handmade mugs by extraordinary international potters and ceramic artists.

Opening online March 19th 2023

1:30 pm Newfoundland Time, Noon Eastern

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A preview of some of the mugs for the 2022 exhibition arrow-down

Images immediately following are from March of Mugs 2019.

Artists are Cathi Jefferson, Brenda Danbrook, and Maaike Charron

Poppy decals on colourful mugs by Justin Rothshank of Goshen, Indiana.

David Hayashida and Linda Yates of King’s Point Pottery made “Jack’s stages” cups for March of Mugs 2016.

Inge Vincent of Copenhagen, Denmark sent her iconic “thin-ware” cups for March of Mugs 2016.

We were pleased to have Kyounghwa Oh’s carved celadon ware in March of Mugs 2017.

St. John’s ceramic artist Isabella St. John is a regular participant at both Feast of Pottery and March of Mugs.

Edmonton based ceramic artist Terry Hildebrand participated for the first time at March of Mugs 2017.